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Captivating Exhibition Celebrates Uzbek Culture in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, May 21st—An exceptional exhibition by Alex Matchanov, held in Philadelphia, captivated art enthusiasts with its celebration of Uzbek culture and arts. The event showcased Matchanov’s remarkable achievements in promoting the rich Uzbek heritage throughout the United States. His participation in the inaugural exhibition of Uzbek artists residing in...

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Reviving the Splendor of Orientalist Style in Central Asian Art

As an artist from Central Asia, I am honored to share with you the history of Orientalist style in painting. This style emerged in the 19th century, during the European colonization of Africa and Asia. The Orientalist painters were fascinated by the exotic and mysterious East, and their paintings...

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The Beauty of 3D Plaster

As an experienced artist, I have worked with many different materials and techniques to create beautiful wall decorations. However, one of my favorites is the 3D plaster technique. This method of wall decoration involves applying layers of plaster to a surface and then sculpting the plaster into intricate designs...

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Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the Art World?

As an artist, I’ve seen my fair share of technological advancements that have changed the way we create art. From digital painting software to 3D printers, technology has given us new tools to express our creativity. But the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has left me wondering: will machines...

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